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"I'm not in love with myself. Just infatuated".
Anrdey Knishev thr. Evgeniy Nordshtein

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Last Song Together, Praga, Animals, March 1998 S teh por tak i ne videlis Friends on escalator, Summer 1995 Zjenka v okruzgenii detey, Moskva, Park Pobedi, Sept 1995

Poems by Evgeniy Nordshtein (Pseudonym)

Please note: publisher doesn't assume any responsibilty for russian spelling errors that may be found. Most likely they have been made by writer purposely to highlite the idea. Most of the names have been choosen by publisher - Dmitriy according poet's verbal permission. All rights reserved. Any copying without proper permission is strictly forbitten. Enjoy... To be continued... Dear readers, in opposite to most of the gifted poets Evgeniy Nordshtein's (Osipov's) talant is still alive therefore he is successfully continuing his creative work. Please, keep checking this web page for furher updates of his upcoming poems.

If you interested to get in touch with Evgeniy Nordshtein, please e-mail him: e_osipov@yahoo.com

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